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Product Information

ProFusion Chassis:

Simple, tough, and lightweight, the ProFusion™ chassis is the go-to standard in the K2 binding collection. On-board tool-less power ramp and toe strap adjustments are paired with multiple ankle-strap mount points to help dial in perfect fit and ideal power transfer.
GF Nylon Performance Chassis Material:

Injected nylon with integrated fiberglass makes for more response and performance-focused chassis.
Groms Tweakback™:

Flexible and surfy, our Tweekback is built for tweaks, pokes, and a more fluid feel.
Bender Strap:

Twist and shout. Our Bender™ strap is our most flexible padless ankle strap option. We created it with the aim to improve freestyle mobility and help you tweak until those bindings creak.
Perfect Fit Toe Strap:

Hinged design fits any boot toe shape, holds well, and sits in a low-profile configuration.
3° Canted Footbed:

Canted 3° to match your natural leg position during riding. More support to the outside of the foot provides improved control while reducing fatigue.
100% Toolless Adjustment:

Our traditional bindings are 100% tool-less adjustment. Ankle straps and highbacks can be adjusted with the human hands, and ankle straps can be moved with the pop of a lever. Keep it simple and enjoyable.
Mega PC Lever Ratchet:
Lightweight and dependable with a no-frills attitude. Our 4-click PC ratchet features a high-end spring inside for a secure hold.
EZ Feed Funnel:

A wider mouth makes feeding binding straps fast and easy.
4 Multi-Compatible Mount Disc:

Compatible with our ProFusion™ Chassis, the 4 Multi-mount disc focuses on power transfer and lets you mount your snowboard binding to 4-hole, 3-hole, and channel mounts.